GIS in R workshop coming this fall

New Workshop for the Fall of 2017.

I am pleased to announce Mark Thomas and I will teach a New R workshop this fall focusing on GIS techniques in R.

Details to follow but till then a rough draft of potential topics follows. Well, seriously, what you find below is really more of a “laundry list” than a draft. I have too many topics to cover in a two hour session so Mark and I will have to work hard to finalize the curriculum.

Stay tuned to our Workshop Calendar for dates and times. Or get notified through our official announcement channels like dvs-annouce and[ @duke_data]( …

  1. Library packages: tigris, censusapi, tmap, sp, sf, ggmap, raster, rgdal, tidycensus

  2. Concepts to consider – super rough draft

    1. Introduce geolocate and layers with ggmap
    2. Use of basemaps with plot() and ggmap()
    3. Also with ggmap

      1. Choropleth
      2. Lines and polygons
      3. Fill polygons with data values
    4. Gather some census data (censusapi package)

      1. Show county boundaries for some state (RI (small) or NC (local))
      2. qtm() – function for quick thematic maps.
      3. Introduce SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
      4. Get the roads layer
      5. Combine different states (or counties, whatever)
      6. Merge data with geo_join
      7. Thematic mapping with tmap – standard choropleth with median home value
      8. interactive map with ttm() (i.e. tmap with leaflet)
      9. Projection/CRS - Converting projections
    5. Simple features – library(sf)
    6. library(raster)
    7. How to read in ESRI shapefiles: readOGR()
    8. Merging data attributes: merge()
    9. geoJSON