Rfun 2017 Fall Workshop Series -- Learning Resources

The following listicle appeared at the Rfun site on November 6, 2017

The Fall Rfun Workshop series was a big hit. The five-part workshop series introduced the R programming language and it’s use as a modern data manipulation tool. We highlighted a basic set of packages that enable functional and practical data science. To that end, we approach R using the free RStudio IDE, an intent to make reproducible literate code, and a bias towards the tidyverse. We believe this tool-set provides a context that enables and reinforces workflows, analysis and reporting. Meanwhile this tidy data approach is good for highlighting work best verified through the lens of reproducible research.


The following list includes links to each workshop’s resources. Whenever possible I include links to streaming video recordings, slides and lecture notes, shareable datasets and R code.

  1. Introduction to R: Data Transformations, Analysis, and Data Structures
  2. Reproducibility: Data Management, Git, and RStudio
  3. Visualization in R using ggplot2
  4. Mapping with R
  5. Developing Interactive Websites with R and Shiny