For practical data management, use RStudio to orchestrate your repositories and leverage Git-based version control.

Recent Workshops


Duke's Tableau Day, 2017

DVS can help Duke Tableau Users create more effective visualizations.

DSVIL 2017 - Web Scraping

The Data Science & Visualization Institute invited a presentation on web scraping and creating customized data sources

Visualizing with ggvis

ggvis is a visualization R library designed to leverage the tidyverse. This presentation demonstrates basic ggvis commands and syntax, and considers whether you can learn just one: ggvis or ggplot2

Making Dashboards with R

Using the flexdashboards package you can easily create attractive dashboard summaries

Web Scraping with R

The rvest package is a handy way to scrape webpages and parse HTML

Using R to Orchestrate APIs

In this Hand’s on presentation given to the Research Computing Symposium (2017), participants use R to gather movie data from the OMDB API. In part 2, participants access the API of Fire and Ice.

Recent Posts

A preview of the learning resources for an upcoming workshop; Reproducibility: Data Management, Git, & RStudio


Xarigan Slides generate slides as a report format. Now your analysis can creat slides at the push of a button.


R Markdown is the backbone of R’s dynamic documents, literate data science, and reproducibility.


New reproducibility workshop with git and RStudio coming in September 2017.


New GIS workshop in R, coming September 2017.



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