Code Example: geom_sf choropleth with coastline

This code example illustrates a choropleth made with ggplot::geom_sf()

Code Example: List to Data Frame

This code example illustrates purrr and repurrrsive

Duke's Tableau Day, 2017

DVS can help Duke Tableau Users create more effective visualizations.

DSVIL 2017 - Web Scraping

The Data Science & Visualization Institute invited a presentation on web scraping and creating customized data sources

Visualizing with ggvis

ggvis is a visualization R library designed to leverage the tidyverse. This presentation demonstrates basic ggvis commands and syntax, and considers whether you can learn just one: ggvis or ggplot2

Making Dashboards with R

Using the flexdashboards package you can easily create attractive dashboard summaries

Web Scraping with R

The rvest package is a handy way to scrape webpages and parse HTML

Using R to Orchestrate APIs

In this Hand’s on presentation given to the Research Computing Symposium (2017), participants use R to gather movie data from the OMDB API. In part 2, participants access the API of Fire and Ice.

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Previously I wrote about Yihui Xie’s xaringan slides. It’s a great package combining R Markdown with the remark.js slide tools and some Yihui Xie ingenuity. I was a fan when it came out and I’m a bigger fan after multiple uses. In my mind, xaringan is perfection in need of only one small personal customization. I wanted one feature: an R Markdown document template that stores some of my typical slide themes combined with a custom stylesheet (CSS) for the Duke University color palette.


I’m teaching at DSVIL 2018 in June: Web Scraping, Data Cleaning, and HTML/JSON Parsing.


R Markdown is the backbone of R’s dynamic documents, literate data science, and reproducibility.


Announcing the Fall 2017 R Learning Series: dates, topics, registration, and access to learning materials.


A preview of the learning resources for an upcoming workshop; Reproducibility: Data Management, Git, & RStudio